10 Best Shows Like Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Netflix’s first Belgian series, Into The Night is set entirely on a plane as the world is engulfed in a global apocalypse. The circumstances are such that all life on the planet would cease to exist if exposed to daylight. Hence, the survivors of a hijacked plane must ensure that the aircraft flies away to safety in the hours of the night.

The real-time chaos and claustrophobia of Into The Night are what sets it apart in the pantheon of new-age survival shows. Whenever the Enterprise is caught in a disaster, each member of the crew has to rely on their greatest talents to ensure safety. Take this tension a notch higher and the audience would get Into The Night.

The Orville (2017-)

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Seth McFarlane might be popularly known for Family Guy but his diverse work also includes the space comedy The Orville. On the surface, it looks like just another Star Trek parody as McFarlane’s protagonist serves as a Captain Kirk-like figure to the show’s titular spaceship.

But as the episodes progress, The Orville turns out to be not just a satire but also a tribute to vintage science fiction. Instead of sole reliance on goofy humor, The Orville also includes heartwarming character arcs and dramatic adventures. So, if Trekkers are looking for a break from the best new-age Star Trek series, The Orville would be a good alternative.

The Expanse (2015-2022)

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Based on the novel series of the same name, The Expanse deals with an intergalactic war and a detective’s quest to find a missing girl. As Earth expands its might in the cosmos in a hundred years, Mars also emerges as a rival military power. Meanwhile, the investigation unearths a larger conspiracy that can change the course of the war.

Much like the crew of the starship USS Enterprise in Strange New Worlds, a space freighter known as the Canterbury plays an integral role in the initial seasons of The Expanse. Rechristened as Rocinante, the ship serves as the main setting for the show as the crew investigate extraterrestrial mysteries and joins Earth and Mars’ defence forces as and when the need arises.

Foundation (2021)

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Inspired by the works of Isaac Asimov, one of the greatest sci-fi authors of all time, Foundation deals with the lives of several people living on planets scattered all over the universe. What connects them is that all of them live under the regime of the so-called “Empire.” But as a leading academic predicts a catastrophic future, the Empire and its people have to find a way to survive.

With its ambitious production design and multi-layered character stories, Foundation is definitely a spectacle worth checking out. So, while Strange New Worlds focuses on exploration of the cosmos, Foundation deals with the very protection of it.

Fringe (2008-2013)

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“Fringe science” is usually ignored as hearsay as it involves speculative conspiracy theories often advanced by people with no scientific background. Fringe is set in a world where the FBI has a secret Fringe Division to investigate the happenings of a parallel universe.

Fringe makes for some cleverly-written sci-fi and would definitely entertain fans of procedural sci-fi shows like The X-Files. Even though it doesn’t have much to do with the cosmos as such, Fringe does display the creativity of Alex Kurtzman who along with JJ Abrams created the show. Abrams went on to direct the latest Star Trek movies while Kurtzman is creating his own Star Trek TV universe with Discovery and Strange New Worlds.

Lost In Space (2018-2021)

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A revival of the 1960s original TV show, Lost In Space deals with a family of space colonists who crash land in uncharted space territories. Their loyalties are tested and bonds are strengthened as they unite for survival. Apart from paying homage to sci-fi shows, Lost In Space also pays tribute to the adventure genre as a whole as its core story originates from the novel The Swiss Family Robinson.

Apart from the premise of space colonists exploring new areas, what makes Lost in Space a perfect pick for fans of Strange New Worlds is the presence of themes such as teamwork and survival.

Away (2020)

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With a cast led by Oscar-winner Hillary Swank, Away deals with a crew of Earth astronauts who embark on an ominous mission to Mars. In their quest to reach the Red Planet, they must obviously risk losing their family and loved ones. Away handles such human emotions as sadness and withdrawal, focusing more on the internal conflicts of each astronaut.

Even though it lasted for only one season, Away humanizes the space exploration genre by focusing less on grand space wars and more on the abstract feelings that a ship’s crew can go through in isolation. It is this unconventional approach that can prompt admirers of Strange New Worlds to go for a more realistic space show.

Titans (2018-)

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A gritty take on the team of young superheroes from DC Comics, Titans is one of the most popular live-action superhero shows on TV right now. Ranging from Robin to Raven, each character is struggling with their own traumatic past. And as they are young in age, they also haven’t fully explored their powers. These tussles contribute to the premise along with their usual battles against evil.

Even though Titans bears little similarities with Strange New Worlds, both shows share a common creator in Akiva Goldsman. The movie and TV screenwriting maestro definitely has a knack for world-building as can be seen from both the shows.

The Center Seat: 55 Years Of Star Trek (2021)


Leonard Nimoy’s final interview. Lucille Ball’s connection with Star Trek. Addressing the Vietnam War in the cosmos. These are some of the few aspects that this in-depth documentary series covers. To mark the 55th anniversary of Gene Roddenberry’s iconic TV series, The Center Seat takes a behind-the-scenes look at the inception of Star Trek, the subsequent animated series and Phase II, and many other entries of the franchise.

Needless to say, it is a must-watch documentary for both loyal Star Trek fans as well as new recruits to the fandom who need a crash course in Star Trek.

Alias (2001-2006)

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Starring Jennifer Garner as a double agent, Alias deals with the multiple aliases that the lead character adopts as an agent for the CIA and an evil international espionage organization. Shifting between the realms of mystery and sci-fi, Alias was well-received in its time and displayed the creative prowess of JJ Abrams and Alex Kurtzman.

While Abrams created Alias, Kurtzman also played a major role as supervising producer, writer, director, and executive producer. It is interesting to see the various sci-fi shows that Kurtzman had to work on before he could handle the reins of Strange New Worlds.

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