10 Best Rom-Com Action Movies, According To IMDb

The editor of a career-focused magazine finds himself stranded on a desert island with a cantankerous pilot, and together they must put aside their differences to find a way off the island and avoid pirates who are also coming to the island. the island. What sounds like a pretty standard script is enhanced by director Ivan Reitman and the film’s leads, Anne Heche and Harrison Ford, who share surprisingly strong chemistry.

The film was a surprise hit as audiences enjoyed the chemistry between the leads and the lively, fast-paced story. Curmudgeon isn’t a new role for Ford, but his gruff likability is at an all-time high, as he seems to be genuinely enjoying himself at all times.

9 Jewel of the Nile (1985) – 6.1

Following romanticize the stone, jewel of the nile continues Jack and Joan’s romance that has become stale in the months since the events of the first film. But when Joan is kidnapped by a man searching for the famed Jewel of the Nile, Jack must spring into action to save her.

Capitalizing on the popularity of the first film and the undeniable chemistry between Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner, jewel of the nile It was a box office success, and while audiences didn’t love it like the first movie, it’s a fun sequel that still manages to capture everything audiences expect from a romantic comedy. of action.

8 Meeting Night (2010) – 6.3

Hopes were high for an action-romance-comedy movie starring Steve Carell and Tina Fey at the height of their popularity and as a romantic date does not quite reach the level expected by the public, the film always offers laughter and strong emotions.

What keeps the film from achieving legendary status is what some believe is an overstuffed plot that spends more time sending Fey and Carell on misadventures and less time letting them talk and react to the absurd. that surrounds them. But when those quiet moments between them happen, they generate some of the biggest laughs in cinema, along with hilarious cameos from actors like Mark Wahlberg, Ray Liotta and Mila Kunis.

7 Knight and Day (2010) – 6.3

Directed by James Mangold and starring Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Paul Dano and Peter Sarsgaard, knight and day is a perfectly acceptable action rom-com, which is why audiences rated this movie slightly above average. Although the story is formulaic and the supporting characters are underwritten, it’s still fun to watch Tom Cruise play up his status as action hero legend and bring the charm of him to 11.

The chemistry he shares with Diaz is believable, though not exactly setting the screen on fire, and it seems like everyone involved in the making of the film had a great time. With highly rated action director James Mangold behind the lens, it’s a shame the movie didn’t rank higher with fans.

6 This Means War (2012) – 6.3

The unique plot and strong cast help lift it means war above other romantic action comedies. Chris Pine can still activate the charm when needed, but it’s the inclusion of Tom Hardy in the cast that stands out when rewatching.

Known primarily for his more serious, action-based roles, seeing Hardy bring the same intensity and commitment to the absurd montages and scenes throughout the film has helped audiences forgive things like director McG’s seeming inability to to decide what the tone of the film wanted. movie to be really. be. Reese Witherspoon is strong as the love interest of the two men but sadly she doesn’t have as much to do as other female leads in the genre.

5 Mr. Right (2015) – 6.3

Streaming has breathed new life into sir right and helped audiences discover a surprisingly strong entry into the action rom-com genre. Leads Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell have wonderful chemistry, and the film makes the most of its premise while earning its R rating.

Action rom-coms are often rated PG-13 in the hope of finding a wider audience, so this film’s light-hearted willingness to lean entirely on the violence and vulgarity surrounding the main characters helps stand out. stand out even more in a crowded genre. There are times when the film takes the violence too far, but with the quick banter and unrelenting humor of the leads, it’s still an entry that audiences continue to enjoy.

4 Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2005) – 6.5

There’s chemistry in an action rom-com and then there’s Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in MR. and Mrs. Smith. The movie probably would have been a hit even without the tabloid stories about the co-stars, as the movie itself is still as noteworthy as ever.

From Pitt’s excellent deadpan comedic timing to Jolie’s devilish glee as the situations around her unfold, the film is a perfect example of how the genre can be seen at its best.

3 Crocodile Dundee (1986) – 6.6

A fish out of water is a common scenario in romantic comedies and crocodile dundee he manages to count two of them in a movie. First following Linda into the Australian outback, then setting up Mick Dundee in New York. The film proved that with strong chemistry and likable leads, audiences can ignore any perceived shortcomings and was a huge success at the box office and continues to garner high ratings on television.

While many action rom-coms suffer from trying to add too much, crocodile dundee he’s perfectly happy with a less-is-more approach that gives the characters time to develop a more meaningful relationship that the audience can continue to invest in with each replay.

two The Lost City (2022) – 6.6

part of what he does The lost City works so well is that it openly acknowledges all the films that have preceded it in this genre. The other part is casting undeniably likeable leads like Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum.

The two have great chemistry, and the film’s script gives them plenty of opportunity to show it off as they navigate a series of sequences and settings that feel like they’re straight out of the films they pay homage to. Add to that a ridiculously funny cameo from Brad Pitt and a wonderful turn from Daniel Radcliffe as the villain and there’s not a second for the movie to lose steam. Instead, it tries (and usually succeeds) to keep the audience entertained every second.

one Romancing the Stone (1985) – 6.9

The benchmark of a good romantic action comedy, romanticize the stone it strikes a perfect line like a treasure hunt movie between humor, action and heart. Many viewers seeing this movie for the first time will recognize the plot points and moments that other movies in the genre have taken from this one over the years, but nothing can replicate the pairing on screen. by Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. Never bogged down by too many action sequences that distract from the heart of the story, the film remains one that audiences can access anytime, anywhere.

Mixing action movies and romantic comedy isn’t always the smoothest mix, but when done right, cliffhangers can often create unforgettable cinematic moments that keep audiences coming back to watch them again and again. .

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