10 Best Jamie Foxx Movies, According to Letterboxd

Ali It’s more of a Will Smith movie than a Foxx movie, as it follows the titular boxer (Smith) through the 10 years of his best-known life. It sees Ali win the heavyweight title for the first time and convert to Islam, and highlights his hatred of the Vietnam War.

But with the 165-minute biopic, Foxx gets plenty of screen time, often stealing the show as Ali’s assistant coach Drew Bundini Brown. Along with Smith’s Best Actor nomination at the 74th Academy Awards, the film also garnered a Best Supporting Actor nomination. It wasn’t for Foxx, though, but for Jon Voight, who played confident sportscaster Howard Cosell.

9 Jarhead (2005) – 3.45

The mid-2000s was by far Foxx’s most prolific and acclaimed era of his acting career, and right in the middle of the decade was jarhead, a war film more personal than epic. The film sees Foxx as a staff sergeant. Sykes, who is kind of a mentor to Anthony Swofford (Jake Gyllenhall).

It’s rare for actors to play supporting roles at the point in their careers when directing movies. But that’s exactly what Foxx did, and jarhead it shows that the actor cares more about what he can bring to a role than being a hero and a movie star. The film is an absolute masterclass in acting and, along with Foxx, features one of Jake Gyllenhaal’s best performances.

8 Dream Girls (2006) – 3.46

Foxx is very much into music in movies, playing iconic blues figures in biopics or jazz instrumentalists in wonderful animated films. And in 2006, he was instrumental in raising Motown’s Curtis Taylor Jr. in dream girls.

The film is about the titular group of girls who strive to be pop stars not only within the black community, but also to become a household name among white audiences. dream girls sees Foxx again in another supporting role and once again steals the show as the ruthless and ambitious record holder.

7 Lightning (2004) – 3.59

While comedy actors and comedians have always tried to prove themselves as legitimate actors by taking on dramatic roles, none have been more successful than Jamie Foxx. Jim Carrey was successful with Eternal sun of the spotless mindand Adam Sandler recently turned critics into fans with uncut gemsBut Foxx has regularly starred in dramas and Lightning is the crown jewel in the actor’s filmography.

The 2004 film sees Foxx play the titular blind blues singer, Ray Charles, and is one of the most honest biographies of all time. Lightning he doesn’t shy away from the musician’s drug habits and failed relationships, and Foxx is so believable in the role that the actor won his first Oscar at the 77th Academy Awards.

6 Warranty (2004) – 3.77

it’s amazing that Lightningthe gripping Oscar-winning biopic, wasn’t even Foxx’s best movie of 2004. Along with Ray, Foxx starred in Collateral, an exciting hit movie starring Tom Cruise. The film follows Vincent (Cruise), who hires a taxi driver (Foxx) for an entire night while traveling to assassinate his targets.

What is more impressive is that thanks to CollateralFoxx has been nominated for two Oscars in one year. Foxx was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the 77th Academy Awards, the same year he won Best Actor for Lightning. Although he lost out in the supporting actor category, just being nominated for two performances in one year is quite a feat that only a handful of actors have achieved.

5 Baby Driver (2017) – 3.77

Throughout his career, Foxx has worked with more visionary writers than most other actors. She worked with beloved director Michael Mann on CollateralQuentin Tarantino in django unchainedand in 2017 he collaborated with Edgar Wright on baby driver.

Wright’s fast pace and frenetic energy in his movies are a perfect fit for the seemingly excitable Foxx, who plays the irritating and sadistic henchman, Bats, in the heist flick. baby driver It sounds like it had a much higher budget, being made for just $34 million, but it has huge action sequences and a massive cast that includes not only Foxx, but Jon Hamm, Lily James, and many others.

4 Mercy Only (2019) – 3.81

just pity sadly it went totally unnoticed and became one of the most ignored movies of the 2010s. The movie is a legal drama and based on a true story as it follows death row inmate Walter McMillian (Foxx), who was wrongfully convicted of murder.

Few other films released in 2019 are as raw, powerful or emotional as just pity, those who have seen it love it, and it deserves more attention. The way the movie underperformed at the box office and didn’t even get more attention in the years since its release is mind-boggling, like with Foxx, just pity it also stars Michael B. Jordan and Brie Larson.

3 Soul (2020) – 4.04

Foxx hasn’t voiced many animated characters, which is surprising given his distinctive voice, vocal range, and how musical he tends to be in general. But while it would be great to hear him in more colorful children’s movies, his absence from the genre also makes the animated movie he directs even more special.

Even though he’s animated, Soul it manages to capture what Foxx is better than any of his other films. The film is musical, cheerful, heartfelt and hilarious. Soul is one of the best animated musicals and, like any Pixar movie, it will make children and adults cry.

two Spider-Man: No Homecoming (2021) – 4.14

Although he was expected to do well at first, Spider-Man: No Coming Home it still managed to outperform at the box office and become a huge phenomenon. The 2021 multiverse movie did the impossible, as it even managed to turn the worst parts of the previous movies into the best parts of the Home trilogy.

Electro (Foxx) was highly criticized in 2014 The incredible Spider-Man 2, whether it’s the blue design or his goofy personality. But these two things were reversed in without coming home, because he is now the coolest supervillain in the MCU and has a more exciting and accurate outfit. While the three Spider-Men appearing on screen together are the film’s big draw, Foxx also deserves a lot of credit.

one Django Unchained (2012) – 4.16

django unchained is Foxx’s best film in almost every way. While the movie may not make the box office gross from the likes of Spider-Man: No Coming Home and it didn’t earn him an Oscar nomination, it was still a huge hit, he sees him at his most heroic and badass, and he’s never been such a big lead.

But it’s not just Foxx’s performance that makes the movie so great. The actor is armed with incredible storytelling, classic Tarantino dialogue full of profanity and one-liners, and the film is simply stunning. Few westerns have looked like this, and the only ones that come close are Tarantino’s other epics.

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