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5.4 Grammar – Unit 5. The music of life – Tiếng Anh 6 – English Discovery

Bài 1

1. Listen and answer the questions.

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1. Where are Max and the others? (Max và các bạn khác đang ở đâu?)

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2. Who thinks Max is fit? Sweet? Nice? (Ai nghĩ Max rất khỏe mạnh? Tốt bụng?)

3. How many prizes does Max win? (Max thắng được bao nhiêu giải?)

Lời giải chi tiết:

1. They are at the Steps award ceremony in New York.

2. Lily thinks he is fit. Eva thinks he is sweet. Sol thinks he is nice.

3. five

Bài 2

2. Study the Grammar box. Find examples of superlatives in the dialogue

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Lời giải chi tiết:

1. Max is my best friend

2. He is the nicest guy

3. He is the fittest person in our family

4. He is the sweetest guy I know

5. This is the worst moment

6. This is the happiest moment of my life

7. The coolest dance move

8. The cutest hairstyle

9. The greatest person in the world

Bài 3

3. In pairs, complete the sentences with the comparative form or superlative forms of the adjectives in the brackets.

(Theo cặp, các em hãy hoàn thành các câu bằng các tính từ có cấu trúc so sánh hơn hay cấu trúc so sánh nhất trong các hộp)

2. Max is ___ Sol. Eva is ___. (fit)

3. Max is ___ Eva. Sol is ___. (funny)

4. Sol is a ___ dancer ___ Lily. Dad is ___ dancer. (bad)

5. Lily has ___ eyes ___ Jenny. Eva has ___ eyes. (beautiful)

Lời giải chi tiết:

2. fitter than, the fittest

3. funnier than, the funniest

4. worse than, the worst

5. more beautiful, than, the most beautiful

Bài 4

4. In pairs, write superlative sentences for prizes in these categories.

1. long hair

2. short hair

3. fit boy/girl

4. tall boy/girl

5. nice smile

6. original ideas

7. funny stories

8. cool style

Lời giải chi tiết:

The prize for the shortest hair goes to…

3. The prize for the fittest boy/girl goes to…

4. The prize for the tallest boy/girl goes to…

5.  The prize for the nicest smile goes to…

6. The prize for the most original idea goes to…

7. The prize for the funniest stories go to…

8. The prize for the coolest style goes to…

Bài 5

5. In groups, decide on the prize winners in the categories in Exercise 4.

A: I personally think has the nicest smile. Her smile is so cute and endearing

B: I don’t think so, I think Phuong’s smile is prettier, also the way her eyes squinting while smiling make her look oh so adorable

C: I can’t decide who is more deserving of the prize, their smiles are both so precious

Lời giải chi tiết:


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